Annual School Assembly Meeting

We are happy to announce that our First Annual School Assembly Meeting will be held this coming Wednesday, June 5, 2002 at 7 PM at the Church of Christ Congregational, 1075 Main Street, Newington, CT. Click here for directions.

Many of you have visited our website, attended our informational and outreach meetings, and/or asked to be added to our email list. The Board of Trustees and the Current School Assembly members hereby invite you to join our assembly and cast your votes on a number of issues that we face. We are offering temporary memberships in the School Assembly to members of the community for the Spring and Summer of 2002. We only ask that you agree to certain requirements for temporary membership.

The School Assembly will be making a number of decisions, including which site we will select to locate our school. We also have the following tasks before us, as defined by the school bylaws

1. Determine general policies of the corporation in fiscal matters; determine wage scales; determine the tuition, fees and other charges; and determine the annual budget of the corporation for School Year 2002-2003.

2. Elect Trustees and Officers as provided in Articles IV and V.

This is your opportunity to become a member of the School Assembly. All interested parents and students who are thinking of becoming a part of Mountain Laurel Sudbury School are invited to become temporary members until the school opens in September. After that, only students of the school and parents of students will be invited to remain members of the School Assembly.

The requirements for temporary membership in the School Assembly are as follows:

  1. Read any book published by Sudbury Valley Press

  2. Be committed to creating Mountain Laurel Sudbury School as a Sudbury-model school

  3. Be committed to the spirit and ideals of "academic freedom" and a "living, participatory democracy" of a Sudbury-model school

  4. Be committed to pursuing your own continuing education about the Sudbury model

We also request a minimum donation of $5 per School Assembly meeting from each member of the Assembly. This is a request, not a requirement. Since our school has not yet begun collecting tuitions, we have been and continue to be dependent upon the financial contributions of our founding members and supporters.

All members of the School Assembly, including temporary members, get one vote each in all decisions made by the School Assembly.

Prospective students are also permitted and strongly encouraged to become temporary members of the School Assembly. We firmly believe that students should be directly involved in the many issues we are exploring as we create our school.

If you plan to come, please RSVP.

Click here for directions.